One of our long time supporters sadly passed away a few years ago. She was an avid cat lover and had cats all her life. She very kindly left us some money with the hopes we could help lots of cats in her memory. In early 2022, by chance, we met another avid cat lover that offered to foster for us. We went out to meet Fiona and it was very clear to see she was like us, a complete animal lover. She runs a successful cattery of her own in such a lovely rural setting and has lots of rescue animals herself. Fiona very kindly started to foster for us using a couple of her own cattery pens (5* grading from South staffs council) and soon became part of our team. Her care of our cats was second to none alongside the girls who work with her.In June 2022 after our usual weekly visit and chat Fiona mentioned that she wished she could help us to have more cats and when she could she would start converting the unused stables. Well, a little ? moment happened!! I’m sure we don’t need to explain the rest ???? So all the trustees got together and it was decided unanimously that some of the money left to us could be used to convert the stables into luxury cat pens so we could help more cats! Work began and as each block was completed, more cats were saved. By October 2022 all 3 blocks were up and running ? Currently we have

?12 pens, all with outside runs

? each pen is to cattery standard regulations.

? Every pen is able to house two adult cats or a family of mum and kittens. We also are able to turn two of the pens into one huge double pen if we take cats from a multi cat household.

Since October 2023 we have taken in and rehomed over 100 cats and kittens ? Our Morton Mews leader Fiona and the girls kindly do all the vet runs and viewings at our cattery. Food for the cats is generally donated food from you, our supporters. In May 2023 a very lovely lady donated a brand new cat enclosure to us. This is our isolation pen that if any new arrivals seem a bit under the weather they go into the isolation pen first. Fiona also had a separate outdoor enclosure built at her own cost for all the animals to be able to have some safe outdoor time.We are hugely grateful to Fiona and her team for enabling us to save so many lives.

All of the cats who come into our cattery do a 7 day isolation period before moving into one of our pens. This is to ensure that the cats have no illnesses before entering the cattery pens. Cats are with us in our cattery for 4 weeks whilst we assess them and get any veterinary work completed before they are then available for adoption.

We, as trustees, also wanted to show our gratitude to the lady, Miss Morton, who without this would of not been possible.

Coming very soon – Morton Mews Retirement Village – a place for our golden oldies to enjoy a safe warm environment with the very best care.