Lacey DOB 2021 approx There has to be some one out there who can offer our beautiful Lacey the home she needs. What can we say about the beautiful Lacey ❤️ Lacey was clearly shut down when she came into us in October 2022. She was heavily pregnant, emaciated and had clearly been locked/chained up for some time. After the birth of her puppies back in October 22 she slowly began to trust and realise that life can be good after all. She is now the sweetest and most loving dog with all humans once she realises she can trust you. Completely house trained, spayed and a dream to walk on the lead now. Lacey is a true lurcher mix and is very intelligent. She can open door handles, open drawers, jump high stair gates, reach 6 ft shelving and can find food that is hidden away 😂 Lacey will only sleep if she is sharing your bed and has one part of her paw touching you 😂 Lacey needs someone who is at home most of the time as it’s when she is left her anxiety kicks in. She is currently in foster in a multi dog household where she loves the company of the bigger dogs. She is improving with the little dogs especially if they have a big attitude. Definitely no cats or small animals. If you think you are the right home for Lacey please send a message to the page with your work/home/lifestyle details. We feel she could be the only dog or could live with another laid back large breed dog. Homecheck and adoption fee apply. Children need to be 10 years or over.


Blade is still in foster 🥲 Experience of this breed is essential. Blade is a 2 1/2 year old Dutch herder who has been in rescue since he was 5 months old. He came into rescue when he had badly broken his leg and could no longer ‘work’. The break was too severe to save his leg so it was amputated. Having 3 legs doesn’t hold him back, he can still run and is still very strong. Blade seems to respond better with commands when they are given by a male in training and in play as he needs a firm voice . Blade also needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation. We feel Blade would be absolutely fantastic at man-trailing. Blade is very reactive to other dogs and people when out, if they come too close. He is a guarding breed so this is a natural thing for him to do. He’s a very quick learner and needs his new owner to continue with obedience training. Blade can be left for up to 4 hours as long as he’s had a good walk or time in a private hire field, his favourite thing in the world to do is to push a boomer ball round a field with his tongue 👅 🙈 He also very much likes his routine and is keen to move onto the next thing in his day and can be a little overexcited and pushy if he’s expecting something to happen. Blade is clean in the house but can be worried he’s going to be shut out side so can be reluctant to go out without you. He isn’t destructive to furnishings but any papers/cardboard left in his reach he will shred. Once he has had his needs met with exercise, brain stimulating toys and activities such as stuffed kongs he will settle down and is a happy to lie by you. If you feel you could be the special someone Blade has been waiting for all these months, now years please message the page with your work/home/lifestyle details. A bond will need to be built with Blade with lots of visits until he knows he can trust you and is comfortable around you. Once he does this he is very loyal and loving dog. No children, no visiting children or any other animals in the household. Homecheck applies.


Meet Zak. DOB July 2022 Zak we believe is a patterdale x chihuahua x French bulldog. If you are looking for a dog with a HUGE personality and a HUGE amount of energy, Zak might just be the dog for you. Zak came into rescue as he was suffering separation anxiety. The foster home has worked really hard to help Zak with this and he can now be left for short periods of time. He also came in with cherry eye originally in one eye, but since he has been in rescue the other eye also has needed surgery. The vets are pleased with both eyes and no further treatment should be needed. Zak also has sensitive skin and a sensitive tummy so we are happy to cover his ongoing treatment at our vets for this. Zak is looking for a very active home where there is someone there most of the time. Zak is good with everyone but is a very bouncy dog so children really need to be 12 plus. If you think you are the home for Zak please send a message to the page with your home/work/lifestyle details. We only rehome within the West Midlands. Homecheck and adoption fee apply.