Blade is a 22 month old Butch Herder who has need in our care since he was 5 months old, he came into rescue wen has badly broken his leg and could no longer work. Sadly the break was too severe to save his leg. But saying that having 3 legs doesn’t hold him back he can still run and is still very strong.

Blade would be best in a male only home, he needs a firm voice and lots of exercise and mental stimulation he would be fantastic at man-trailing.

Blade is very reactive to other dogs and people if they come to close. If you wish to adopt Blade you must be willing to meet him a few times to build up a relationship with him, once you’re one of his people he is very loyal and loving but will push it if allowed. He’s a very quick learner and needs a new owner to continue with obedience training.

Blade can be left for up to 4 hours as long as he’s had a good walk. Blade is clean in the house. Blade settles nicely in the house if he’s has his needs met with exercise, brain stimulating toys and activities are just what he needs like stuffed kongs.

If you feel you could be the special someone Blade is waiting for all these months please email usĀ @ –

Homecheck and adoption fee applies

No Children or other animals