badgerThis is Badger, he is a Wild Acre dog and a huge part of Angela’s family.

As we all know he is a bit of a clown but he surpassed himself.  Tuesday tea time he was playing in the garden when he jumped , twisted and fell onto the slabs and hit his head .
He immediately started fitting, he was rushed to the vets straight away.   The fitting continued so after a lot of hard work from the vets he was put him into an induced coma. 

Yesterday he had a C T scan. This showed that he has a heamatoma pressing on two areas of his brain.

It was said last night that he could possibly need to have an operation to release the pressure. The worry has been indescribable.  

This morning though due to the excellent care from MANOR VETS there is a massive improvement . The manor family have gone above and beyond and we have got the utmost faith in them and we are so grateful.

Life would not be the same with out Badger.

He is not out of the woods yet so keep him in your thoughts please.
The bill so far is £2025.00?
We as a rescue have to use our heads not our hearts at times.  But our hearts all ways seem to win ?
No more pocket money for him.
And a crash helmet is in our thoughts for when he is being a silly ass ?
If you can help at all with the costs of the vets bills it would be much appreciated.
You can do this by following this link  HELP WITH THE COST OF VET BILLS FOR BADGER or at the bottom of our website.
You can follow the antics of Badger on his own Facebook Page Badgers Diary